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New Life Community Church - testimonies

by Pastor Ronald Mak

Ps Ronald had been suffering from food allergy since 2011, and his condition worsened after his recent trip to US. 

During his visit at the specialist for his allergy, the doctor found his cough to be abnormal and suggested for him to do an x ray scan. Report showed white spots in his lungs and the doctor immediately arranged for CT scan as the white spots could be tuberculosis or worse, lung cancer. 
After the scan, Ps Ronald went home and told his wife, Ps Gracie about it. She prayed for him and initiated praise and worship and home, surrendering the situation to God.
When the result came out, the doctor could not find any white spots anymore. Ps Ronald also realised that his food allergy had miraculously been healed! 
Indeed, we serve a God who heals! All praises and Glory to Him!


Ronald 牧师自2011年以来就一直遭受食物过敏 。他的病情在他从美国回来后,恶化了。



by Terence and Ruth Tan 

A miracle happened on the day after the delivery!

Terence and Ruth were told that their unborn son, Joseph, did not have a right kidney by two different doctors from ultrasounds done on the fifth and sixth month of pregnancy. 
Together with the church's leaders and the intercessor team, they prayed for God's covering and for the growth of all Joseph's organs. They believed that God will bless him no matter what challenges lie ahead.
A miracle happened on the day after the delivery! The pediatrician informed them that baby Joseph's right kidney was found! God has blessed Joseph with a right kidney! He has indeed made all things beautiful in His timing.

The couple witnessed the faithfulness of by God's promise - "What is impossible for people is possible with God" Luke 18:27 



 在怀孕(5 和6个月)期间,Terence和苗继被两位不同的医生诊断出他们未出生的儿子,Joseph,没有右肾。

Terence和苗继见证了神信实祂的话语 -
“在人所不能的事 ,在神却能 。” 路加福音18:2

First scan



Second scan


Third scan




by Shu Ting

Between the 2 C’s - Cancer and Christ, Christ is the bigger C

In June 2015, less than a month after my 27th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage IV invasive breast cancer.

I had known God since young, and had occasionally attended church, but I never felt any closeness with Him. In fact, I only remember praying days after my diagnosis. I had the support of my family and friends, but I felt like I was fighting for my life all alone.

Having stage IV cancer meant that I had a growth of aggressive tumours. Even surgery could not contain it. Cancer not only hurt me, it hurt my loved ones too. Adeline, my dearest friend of 13 years never stopped praying for me; and with her constant encouragement and invitation, I finally went to New Life Community Church in October. There, for the first time, I felt a connection with God.

I found support in the amazing LifeNet that I joined. On my very first visit, everyone gathered around me to pray for total restoration of my body. I look forward to going to LifeNet every week as it helps me get to know God better, and I feel like I’m part of a big family!

I learnt for myself that when God rains His love on us, He pours! The Holy Spirit overflows me through words. I can’t stop speaking about God, praising God, and He continues to work wonders in my life every day.

This is how my body looked like when I was first diagnosed in June 2015 (refer to diagram 1). You can make out that the big black spot is my heart. Every other spot in the image was cancer. My body was dying, and I did not even know.

Looking at how extensive my cancer was, I did not even dare to pray for full healing. What I asked for, was a second chance in life, so that I could be useful to God in the days I have left. And as my relationship with God grew deeper, I knew that by Jesus’ stripes, I would be healed.

In November 2015, I got another scan when I completed chemotherapy. And by Jesus’ stripes, I was healed (refer to diagram 2).

I am one of the rare patients who have had a complete response to my treatment (refer to diagram 3). My doctors were surprised, they told me that I am lucky, but I told them that it’s Jesus. ALL of the cancer is gone, it can only be Jesus. Amen!

I started this fearful journey alone, and I ended it with God walking with me. And today, I stand before you to attest, that between Cancer and Christ, Christ, is the bigger C.

All glory to God!

  Diagram 2 

Diagram 1/图像  Diagram 2/图像二                

Diagram 3

Diagram 3/图像三

20156月,就在我27岁生日的一个月内,我被诊断出患有第4 期侵袭性乳癌。


患有第4 期乳癌表示我的肿瘤已经在迅速的扩张,连手术也不能阻止它们的扩散。癌症不止伤害了我,也伤害了那些爱我的人。我相识13年的好友,Adeline,她从来没有停止过为我祷告。在她不断的鼓励与邀请下,我终于在201510月来到了新生社区教会。这是我生平第一次觉得与神有联系。










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