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March 25 , Sunday | Chinese Service : 9.00am
                                   English Service : 10.30am

Adrian Anantawan, the one handed violinist 

Just like any youth, Adrian Anantawan was a hardworking Canadian student

but he had a confidence issue as he was constantly trying to prove himself to others. Born of Thai-Chinese descent, his parents didn’t raise him to feel different but he realised he was different.


Adrian was born with four fingers missing from his right hand. While his classmates were playing the recorder, he could not participate in music class as there was no instrument for him. Until he came across a beautiful instrument - the violin, an instrument his father used to play years ago. With an adaptive device, he was able to make music and he finally found himself no different from others.


With hard work, patience and the love of his supportive family, he started playing the violin at the age of 9, overcame his challenges and went on to accomplish several dreams. He became one of the youngest to join the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, graduated with degrees from Yale and Harvard University, performed at the White House and travelled the world to share his story. Adrian has a heart for people who may be perceived different by their peers. He wants to share his story to encourage them to dream big and never give up. Because his story started when he refused to let disability to stand in the way of his dream.










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