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Courses Schedule


Membership Course I: Foundational Truths - Modules 1 & 2
 Foundational Truths (Module 1)
Lesson 1: A Sure Foundation (A)                    
Lesson 2: A Sure Foundation (B)
Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit
Lesson 4: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 5: Water Baptism
Makeup Lesson / Test 1
 Foundational Truths (Module 2)
Lesson 1: Your Spiritual Growth
Lesson 2: Knowing God Through Devotions
Lesson 3: Your Prayer Life
Lesson 4: True Commitment In The Church
Lesson 5: Prospering God's Way
Makeup Lesson / Test 2


Membership Course II: Growth and Transformation - Modules 1 & 2
Growth and Transformation (Module 1)
Lesson 1: Love (A) - True Love of Our Father God
Lesson 2: Love (B) - Loving Relationships At Their Best

Lesson 3: God's Plan for the Family (A) - Courtship and Marriage (2hrs)

Lesson 4: God's Plan for the Family (A) - Parenting (2hrs) 
Lesson 5: Being The Church God Wants
Makeup Lesson / Test 3


Growth and Transformation (Module 2)
Lesson 1: Lifestyle of Faith
Lesson 2: The Gift of Grace
Lesson 3: The Gift of Righteousness
Lesson 4: Vibrant Praise and Worship
Lesson 5: Reach and Win
Makeup Lesson / Test 4
Interview with Pastor


Ministry Training Course: Advancing Forward
Reach and Win - Connecting
Reproducing Disciples
Sharing the Gospel
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Effective Christian Living: A Deeper Walk
Prayer and Fasting
Spiritual Warfare
Healing of Our Bodies


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  • Join Us This Week

    Prayer Meeting - Immerse
    8pm Friday
    (Next Service: 21 Dec 2018)

    FREE to sing and dance in
    God's presence. Powerful times
    of prayer and restoration
    at our ministry times.
    Believe for a miracle!
    IMPACT Youth Service
    3pm Saturday
    (March's Service Date: 3&10 Mar 2018)
    IMPACTful with loads
    of fun, fellowship and team
    building. Discover your gifts
    and calling. Every Youth
    a Success
    Sunday Celebration Service (Chinese)
    9am Sunday
    A dynamic move of God happens
    at this vibrant service where
    people come together to seek God.
    Sunday Celebration Service (English)
    10.30am Sunday
    (With Mandarin & Bs Indonesian Translation)
    Exciting times of rejoicing and
    celebration. Be inspired by
    God's Word and come worship
    God in love and unity.
    Mighty KIDz Church Service
    10.30am Sunday
    Kidz love the music, games,
    stories and activities that open
    up a whole new joyful world of
    life in Jesus.

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