At New Life Community Church,

We believe that God has called us to make a significant impact in Singapore and other nations. If the church is to thrive, every generation must develop the resilience to do what is right. By standing on God’s word, and instilling His values into our lives, we can live fully and in abundance.

Our Values

To be passionate about who we are in God and where we are going with God. Dynamic in the way we live a life of faith. To show excellence wherever we serve. To be committed to the vision and call that God has destined for us as individuals and families.

Our Culture

To Love as God Loves. This culture is brought out through HUGGS:

  • Honour
  • Unity
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Service
  • Our Vision

    To be a Church of Generation-Winners impacting our community and the nations.

    As part of our vision of being a church of generation winners impacting our community and the nations, we seek to

    Matthew 28:19-20

    Reach and Win

    Obeying the call to bring them in: We engage with people to let them know of the great love of Jesus Christ.

    Mark 12:31

    Train and Equip

    Obeying the call to train them up: We believe in empowering every member to serve effectively in our ministries. We believe that serving is love in action.

    James 1:22

    Build and Establish

    Obeying the call to build them up: We believe in being a vibrant church that lives out the Word of God and worships Him corporately and personally.

    1 Timothy 3:1

    Send and Plant

    Obeying the call to send them out: We believe that we grow in maturity and confidence when we go out to our communities and to nations to minister. We believe in team leadership, in the exercise of the 5-fold Ministry and in living in the Fruits of the Spirit.